X Series PC Base
  • USB Connection to Computer
  • Works with all X Series Devices
  • Control up to 254 Devices
  • Windows or Mac compatible
  • Automatically email images
  • Video On PC Base

Click Here to download software and run in Demo Mode!

BuckEye Cam Long Range Wireless Systems

X Series Echo Sensor Kit
  • Use as a repeater, Sensor or Both
  • Extend Camera Transmission Range
  • Auxiliary Camera Trigger
  • Connect to Seismic Sensors
  • Connect to Magnetic Sensors
  • Trigger One or Multiple Cameras
  • Video on Echo

Download Echo Brief

LiveCam Subscription
  • View your pictures and videos online
    • View from anywhere in the world
  • Automatically updates
  • View up to 300 of the most current pictures per camera
  • Username and Password Protected
  • Create Alias accounts
X Series Wireless Hog Trap and Gate
  • Trigger Trap from anywhere in the world
  • Feral Hog Trapping System
  • 4' or 8' Gate options
  • Works on 12V and up to 5 Amps
  • Free Wireless or Cellular based
  • Video on Hog Trap
X Series Wireless Camera
  • Free Wireless Transmission
  • 2 Mile Distance
  • Receive images on phone or computer
  • Rugged, Invisible, Silent, Fast
  • Optional Solar Power

Download Camera Brief

X Series Wireless Gate Controllers
  • Activate Gates, Motors and Traps
  • Great for Remote Security Gates
  • Feral Hog Trapping
  • Works on 12V and up to 5 Amps
  • Optional High Amp Relay Pack
  • Watch Video

Download Activator Brief

X Series Network Manager Software controls everything

X Series Wireless Feeder Controller
  • Wireless feeder controller
  • Up to 24 feed times daily
  • Clogged/Empty feeder detection
  • Email or text alerts
  • Works with 6V or 12V feeders

Download Feeder Brief

Interactive Cellbase Subscription
  • Log in and control your entire system online
  • No dedicated computer required
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Automatic Email feature built in
  • Hot Links for fast Gate triggering
    • WorksPowered Gates and Trap Gate Control
  • Username and Password Protected
  • Includes a LiveCam subscription
X Series Cellbase
  • Worldwide control
  • Works with all Major Carriers
  • Control up to 254 Devices
  • Single Data plan for all devices
  • Works with Windows or Mac
  • Video on CellBase

X Series NetBase
  • IP connection to Computer
  • Uses Existing Network
  • Works with all X80 Devices
  • Automatically Email Images