BuckEye Cam offers worldwide installations and service maintenance programs. The easiest way to get things started is to just send us a little bit of information to help us understand your particular setup.

Things we like to know about your setup:

  • Are you planning on having a computer within 1 to 2 miles of your camera location?
    • Just helps us decide which base you will need
    • If not just need to decide which cellular provider works best in your area
  • Easier if we know the GPS coordinates of each camera location and base location
    • Google Earth is a great tool for setting locations
    • Or just send us the gps coordinates for each location and we can plot it out
  • How many cameras are you wanting to setup?
  • Do you need any feeder controllers or Hog traps?
  • How soon do you want the setup?
    • Sometimes we can schedule setups together and save on fees and travel

We can customize your wireless installation and your entire system to meet your exact needs and insure years of trouble free service.
Our service technicians will come to your site and completely install the system for you. We can even schedule routine service maintenance programs for your system as well.

Need a highly customized system?
No problem - Since we design, engineer and manufacture all of our products in house, we can build one specifically for you. We have years of experience putting together customized projects for the DHS, DOD, IBET and many other Government agencies worldwide.

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