By Sean White - GM ATSI

ABOUT US and BuckEye Cam

BuckEye Cam is a wireless product line designed and manufactured by ATSI (Athens Technical Specialists, INC.) located in Athens, Ohio.  ATSI first started in business around 1982, manufacturing test equipment for the traffic signal industry.  We are a small company, comprised of 15 +/- employees (including Engineers, Production, Sales and Service Technicians).   We have and always will design, manufacture and service all of our products right here in Athens, OH.

We have a fully staffed, qualified service department that, unlike most in the industry, we actually service what we sell. You can call us, email us or chat online with us. 

Ahead of our time:

We came up with our very first wireless camera concept in 2002, then began designing and went into production late 2003. Obviously, this was WELL before any trail cameras were even on the market, let alone any wireless infrared trail cameras.

To put it into context, Blackberry phones were just starting to "catch on" and the first iPhone wasn't going to be released for 4 more years....

Our designs have broken more ground in the camera industry then just about anyone else ever has.... Not just "wireless" stuff either....

Here are a few:

  • First to offer a portable remote wireless camera system (2004)
  • First to offer dual lens technology - (2004)
  • First to offer reliable Passive Infrared detection (2004)
  • First to introduce infrared flash trail camera technology (2004)
  • First to have sub 1/4 second trigger speed (2004)
  • First to have sub 1 second delay (2004)
  • First to have multiple base options (Portable, PC, Cellular and Netbase)
  • First to offer completely invisible (940nm) infrared option (2005)
  • First to offer rechargeable SLA battery option (2004)
  • First to offer solar charging option (2004)
  • First to offer a system that can be wireless or standalone (modular)
  • First to offer free software and firmware updates (as well as wireless updates)

Our Systems are not for Everyone

We know our systems are not "CHEAP"
We come from a time when "Made in America" meant something. When taking pride in engineering and manufacturing your own product lines, in your own facility in the states was worth the cost of admission.  Our employees and their families take great pride in all our products and services. They are all in touch with the entire process - many of them actually built the product you will receive and want it to work as badly as you do.  This all comes at a cost and that's why we make no apologies for our price.

BuckEye Cam customers demand more from their systems and that's what they get with BuckEye Cam: Quality product, service and support.
From turn key wireless setups and maintenance programs to industry leading warranty and support, BuckEye Cam customers are a cut above the rest.
We see the new "cameras" come and go every year. New "companies" pop up, make a statement and claims, then are gone in 2 years.
  We pride ourselves in being one of the oldest "trail" camera companies in the business. There is a reason why we have quietly paved the way for so many years. Some of our most loyal customers have owned "every camera out there" BEFORE deciding to finally purchase BuckEye Cams.

There is a reason why BuckEye Cam product line has been around since 2004...
Some will never fully understand and appreciate those reasons until they actually own a BuckEye Cam